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Pritam Gupta

I am greatful to join this class, Kishor sir has excellent teaching quality with great example. He convey the toughest concepts in terms of story which is very interactive. After this class I am feeling confident in stock market.I will highly recommend to them who really want to make their career in stock market or want to generate earning source, trust me there is no need of any prior financial background or knowledge. I am delight to tell you that Kishor is really creating impact in society by providing this course in affordable price and I will assured you that he never compromised with his teaching material Just to note :- Please follow all instructions given by him that will surely help you to build your career in stock market Thank you Kishor Sir ✌️😊

Shlok Shinde

- No. of Seats Limited
- 10000+ students completed course
- Provides Study Material and Practical Based Trading
- Pune's most Affordable Share Market Class
- Doubts clear session
- Tips and strategies are given
- Life time Support
Sir teaches in easy, unique and simple way Best Stock Market Class

Prathamesh Parab

The words will short ! I mean what to say, If I have to rate myself on a scale of 1-10, I would definitely tell that I've reached at 7 after joining the class, Rest 3 points will obviously comes after the practice.. Forget about the fees(Definitely it's in your budget) but the kind of clear knowledge you get which takes you to the certain point where you can definitely say yes joining Chaitanya Share Market Class was Worthy. Sir has got immense knowledge about the market and their techniques to deliver it to each and every individual I mean tremendous !You will Enjoy ! Thank you so much sir for you immense guidance and support throughout the coaching..

Yogesh Giri

Teaching of Kishore Sir is amazing, he explains everything point to point and its easy to grasp. Live session of how to trade is also conducted and is very informative. This is the best class for new and moderate traders or who is thinking of getting in to stock market. Comparing to the knowledge gained, the fees of the class is very reasonable. (Its like a Rs.100 stock giving you a return of 500% in one month for the rest of your life). I will 100% recommend this class to everyone.

Poonam Palande

Kishor sir is having very good knowledge of share market and explain in very simple language. This course was very informative and covers almost everything required to start our own journey in share market. This class helps to be independent in share market and started earning.

Sarika Ekbote

I am beginner in Share Market, my background is science BUT Chaitanya class removed my fear of understanding of trading!! They taught from basic to advance in very simple way. There guidelines are extremely useful, I guess! They taught Technical to fundamental knowledge very well. There way of teaching is very simple but with depth knowledge. In such affordable price we learned IPO, Delivery Trading, Intraday trading, Option trading and Future trading, I must recommend this class for everyone who wants to learn Share market. Very Well experienced in share market. They also provide doubt session. My best wishes to Chaitanya class🙏 🙏

Suvarna Sail

Best place to learn and start trading.. Each and everything is covered in class with very easy examples.kishor sir teaches complicated concepts with help of stories it makes very easy to understand the concept.I would Highly recommend this for beginners who are thinking to start trading & fees are also way too lowest in all pune. Don't even waste a single day to join this class. All the best. Thank you chaitanya share market classes.

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Kishor sir is having very good knowledge of share market. This course was very informative and covers almost everything required to start our own journey in share market. This class helps to be independent in share market and started earning...

Deepak Sinha

Best place to learn and start trading for beginners... Sir has covered all things starting from basics to advance... the techniques thought by him were easy to understand because sir had made it simple n explained it with small stories n examples...

Prachi Badale

Ek number! Excellent teaching! Very easy to understand and to implement the tricks taught. Much more than value for money compared to the fees charged. Actually it should be named 'investment techniques class'. Really a life changing experience...

Satyajeet Chitale