Chaitanya Share Market Classes

Chaitanya Share Market Classes

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Basic to Advance Syllabus

  • Basic of share Market
  • What is Saving? What is insurance?
  • What is investment?
  • What is share & share Holders?
  • Types of share. Right of share Holders.
  • Different Index.
  • Sensex & Nifty.
  • Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap
  • What is D-mat Account?
  • Types of D-mat Account.
  • Primary & secondary Market.
  • Various stock exchanges in india.
  • What is Brokerage and how calculate it?
  • What is Intra-day, Delivery STBT, BTST?

Equity Market

Overall Basics of Equity Share Market

Intra-Day Training / Delivery Trading

Short Sell Position.

Buy Stop Loss

Market Order.

Insider Trading

Price of Share Face Value

Benefits of Equity Share Market

Stop Loss and Target

Selling Stop Loss.

Limit Order

Derivatives Future Market

What is Derivatives ?

What is Future Market ?

Expire Date and Contracts

Margin Amount for Intra-day

Margin Amount for Carry Forward

Index Future

Stock Future

Commodity Market

■ Scope of Commodity Market.
■ Different Segments of Commodity Market.
■ Precious Metals, Base Metals, Energy.
■ Commodity Exchanges in India.
■ MCX- Multi Commodity Exchanges.
■ NCDEX – National Commodities and Derivatives Exchanges.
■ Expiry Dates
■ Lot size of Different Commodity Market
■ Margin Requirement for Intra-Day & delivery.
■ Agriculture Commodities.
■ Benefits of Commodity Market.
■ What is Contract roll over
■ External factor affect in Commodity Market.

Currency Market

■ What is Currency Market?
■ Trading Option in Currency Market.
■ Trading currency in India.
■ Margin Requirement for Trading
■ Lot Size of Different Currencies
■ What is difference between currency & MCX?
■ Benefit in currency Market.
■ External factor affect in currency Market
■ Benefit of currency market

Technical Analysis

■ What is technical Analysis?
■ Difference between technical analysis
and fundamental analysis.
■ Benefits of technical analysis.
■ What is a opening price, closing,
low & high price?
■ Types of charts.
■ What is line chart?
■ What is bar chart?
■ What is candlestick chart?
■ Candle stick patterns.
■ Bullish engulf & bearish engulf.
■ Bullish piercing & bearish piercing.
■ Bullish harami & bearish harami.
■ Morning Star & evening star.

Chart Patterns

■ Inverted head and shoulder.
■ Rounding bottom & top.
■ Double bottom & double top.
■ Triple bottom & triple top.
■ Up flag and Down flag
■ Bearish head and shoulder &
■ bullish head and shoulder
■ Up trend
■ Down trend
■ Sideways trend
■ Support & resistance levels
■ Level of trading & breakout

Types Of Indicaters

■ Simple moving average
■ Moving average convergence or divergence (macd
■ Relative strength index (rsi)
■ Fibonacci retracement
■ Pivot level


■ Trading Psychology and Risk Management
■ Stop loss
■ Analyze risk to reward ratio
■ Trailing stop loss
■ Booking Profit
■ Qualities of successful traders
■ Golden rules of trading
■ Money management

Fundamental Analysis

■ Profile and loss account
■ What is IPO?
■ What is FPO?
■ Bonus share
■ Dividend
■ Split stock
■ Buy back share
■ Quarterly result
■ External factor affect on stock market
■ Stock and index circuit
■ Settlement NSDL & CDSL
■ Sebi rules and Regulations
■ Market capitalization
■ Equity Sip Direct in Share Market
■ Promoter Holding
■ How to select stock for long term investment
■ Dividend Yield
■ Monthly Investment Plan in Share Market

Mutual Fund

■ What is a Mutual Fund?
■ Mutual Fund Investment Benefits.
■ What is a SIP(Systematic Investment PI,-m)?
■ Types of mutual fund •
■ Open Ended • Close Ended
■ Types of funds ex-Debt funds, equity funds, balance funds etc
■ Legal Structure of Mutual Funds

Portfolio Management

■ What is a portfolio?
■ Why Portfolio is Necessary?
■ Different Investment Options
■ Tax Benefit
■ Money Management
■ Compounding of Money
■ Why Financial planning Necessary?
■ Financial Goals Er

Live Trading Workshop

■ Web, Windows, Mobile based Apps
■ Various 0-mat s/w
■ Software Introduction
■ S/W log in & S/W log out
■ Pay in & Pay out
■ How to buy & sell?
■ Types of order-limit
■ Order/buy order/sell order
■ Current rate buy/what Is LTP
■ Ask rate & bld rate
■ Intra-day buy & sell
■ delivery/normal buy &sell Buy/sell
■ stop loss / buy/sell target
■ Buy/sell order
■ How to modify selling/buy order?
■ How to delete & Cancel order?
■ Delete stop loss/ target / Pending Order
■ Checking current position
■ Check profit & Loss (MTN!)
■ Checking available margin / limit
■ How no change transaction password?
■ How to check ledger statement?

Practical Based Training
(Live Trading Workshop)
Office Add:- Office no 9,
2nd Floor, Somnath
Dairy Building,
Near Madhukar hospital,
Ambika Super Market,
Anand Nagar,
Sinhagad Road, Pune:- 411051.

Office No-9, Somnath Dairy Building , Opposite of Patil Hospital, Anand Nagar, Sinhagad Road, Pune-411051

Benefits after Completing Course:

1. Start secondary source of income.
2. Strong Long-term Investment Option.
3. Bright career in share Market.
4. Start your Own Business.
5. Share market help to create wealth.

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